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Exclusive Offer: Limited Availability

Capital Protection Plan is here to help traders gain an extra edge to combat the risk of forex trading. 

We understand forex trading is unpredictable, we want to assist traders to build a more solid foundation on your trading by limiting certain risks.


Why Choose Capital Protection Plan

Start Your Protection Plan

1. Open trading account on our recommended broker CLICK HERE

2. Deposit $3000 USD into your trading account via the broker.

3. Broker Account Manager will contact you to confirm the setup of the Sponsored Protection Plan.

Increased Protection

Premiums are allocated in crypto staking to make sure more funds are available to fulfill the capital protection plan for all individuals on this exclusive plan.

Staking information on

Risk Warning: Forex is a leveraged product which may not be suitable for all investors as it carries a high degree of risk to the invested capital. You are advised to have full understanding of the risks involved before you trade or invest, if required please seek independent advice

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