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WPAT Global

Copy Trading

Copy trade only verified traders without the need to pay extra fees.  

Take Control, It's Your Money

WPAT COPY TRADING sponsored by

With MOGA's backing, you can trust that we are committed to your financial well-being, offering transparency, security, and a community of top-tier traders to guide you toward your goals. Join us today and embark on a journey where your financial dreams become reality.

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Choose from Real Traders

Whether you're a seasoned trader looking to diversify your portfolio or a newcomer seeking guidance from the pros, we have you covered.

The platform showcases a community of seasoned traders with proven track records. You can browse their profiles, view their past performance, and choose the traders to follow.

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You know your account best!

Control how you want your account copying the pros!

Scale: Lot Ratio (lot multiplier)

Lots: Fixed lot setting

Reverse: Change BUY to SELL (and vice versa)

Risk Protection: Set your capital to perserve

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