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Using Mobile Phones

Signal Groups

Signal groups are everywhere.

Let WPAT filter out the real groups that do live trading of their very own signals.

So you don't need to be the one testing them all.

Language: Chinese

Trial: Yes / 2 weeks

Fee: 50 USD / Month

  • Gold + 3 Currency Pairs Daily

  • News Forecast

  • Analysis based on request (VIP clients only)

  • Group Discussions


Language: English

Trial: NA

Fee: 100 USD / Month

250 USD / 3 Months

450 USD / 6 Months


  • Transparent , real-time , Full time support including modification for opening and closing signals

  • Send signals before UK market opening around 6---9 GMT


Language: English / Chinese

Trial: free group available

Fee: $30 USD / Month 

Use recommended broker for $10 Monthly Discount (Pay only $20 USD/Month)


  • Daily Signals

  • Safe Martingale mode Signals

  • Technical Analysis

expert logo.png

Language: English

Trial: NA

Fee: 30 USD / Month



  • Gold signals and information

  • Forex currency signals and information

  • Wealth-creation plan

  • Timeless lessons on wealth and Happiness

WEALTH _ HAPPINESS_basic-file_edited.png

Signal Groups


Click To Join

Select the signal group to join.


Earn 10 USD

Complete your first 3 trades from the group to earn free bonus of $10 USD into your MT4*
(limit to MT4 on our partnering brokers)


Signal Subscription

Automatic deduction of fee from your existing MT4 on our partnering broker

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