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Elite IB Masterclass

Why we want to do this

We know the forex industry is a very prosperous industry for everyone, many opportunities lay ahead for all players in the market, especially for entrepreneurs!

Traders and entrepreneurs can both prospect in the business of the marketing of forex brokers or traders, not everyone may have the know-how. We want to share the prosperity of the financial market for the ones who want to make a successful business out of forex via non-profit group the IBWPAT Trainings. 

Most people may only know how to get started in a partnership with a broker, but to really get business going with the first customer, it is a major challenge even for the most motivated entrepreneurial individual. Based on our research, only 1 out of 30 IBs know how to maintain more than 3 clients in their business portal. We aim to fix this, our goal is to increase the success rate of every individual who wants to create a business in forex as an IB. 

What to expect

How to start: 

1 Trial Intro Class

Must have an IB account

5 Elite Masterclasses

What you get:

Customized business plan for success

Marketing tools and content

Personalized Guidance

IB Course Certificate (useful for future business expansions)

Performance Goal:

Attain high profile clients

Proven method to earn up to $5000 per week

Exponential business growth

Elite Trainer

Your trainer is a successful entrepreneur who started forex trading at a young age. After being introduced to the forex IB program he integrated his expertise from his studies in Marketing and Digital Communications (BA) started his own marketing company for forex brokers. He has trained multiple forex sales and marketing teams in various brokers for their international teams, providing classes in both English and Chinese language. Training more than 10 teams and more than 500 people in the industry.

After years of innovating the techniques in both sales and marketing, the training is exclusively for IBs only, to surpass the traditional methods used in brokers for business development

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