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Algo Fund

Algo Trading Only

AlgoTradingSolution has perfected a trading method which can work with investors of all levels and capital. 

Option 1:

MAM Operation 

Benefit of MAM: 

  • Various capitals accepted. Minimum of $500 up to $100,000 funds will get allocated the same profit %.

  • MAM funds keeps increasing opening more opportunities for trading

Option 2: 

Copy Trade

Benefit of Copy Trading:

  • Be in control of your own funds

  • Close opened orders or add more to current orders to your liking

  • Customize a stop-out level

AlgoTradingSolution is a strategy business partner with WPAT. WPAT has verified the trades of the trader as valid and true on our recommended broker. To continue the sustainment of the partnership AlgoTradingSolution must continue to make profits with the fund management solution they provide. 

Get started with the right team and let AlgoTradingSolutions help you with part of your forex portfolio.

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