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Secure One Global

A collection of profitable traders joining forces into a MAM accounts, the goal is to gain as much opportunities on major pairs and gold.


Secure One Global is trading on a MAM solution on our partnering broker - Mogafx

What type of MAM?

Cashbalance MAM, many may know as a PAMM

Benefit of MAM: 

  • Various capitals accepted. Minimum of $2500

  • Best capital option: $10000 (earns you an extra 6%)

  • Profits and Losses are allocated based on capital % to the overall MAM capital

  • MAM funds keeps increasing, opening more opportunities for trading

Step 1

Step 2


Step 3

Sign Profit Share

Secure One Global is a strategy business partner with WPAT. WPAT has verified the trades of the trader as valid and true on our recommended broker. To continue the sustainment of the partnership Secure One Global's MAM must continue to make overall profits on the account.  

Get started with a growing MAM. Let the funds and potential returns grow together.


Past performance cannot be used as a guarantee of future returns. Joining the MAM cannot see active trades. Only closed trades will be reflected on your MT4.

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